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Can you tell a tale in precisely 100 words?

Image is my own created from a stock free background on Pixabay

If you’re a writer and you’re interested in broadening your writing reach…or just interested in networking with other writers, Writers Challenge is currently seeking new writers.

I started this publication as a place where writers can share the wealth of their knowledge about the struggles we all face as writers. Whether you have writing tips or advice to share or want to learn more about writing to extend your skills, by sharing informative and inspirational articles we will all grow as writers.

This publication will also have regular writing challenges and prompts to help flex our writing muscles, learn new ways of writing, and simply for a little fun.

If you enjoy participating in writing challenges and stretching your literary muscles by taking up an unscheduled and, perchance, unorthodox writing prompt, then you’d enjoy writing with us.

If you’ve learned valuable writing skills from the challenges you’ve encountered along your writing journey, then we’d love for you to share them with us.

If you simply enjoy reading great flash fiction, poetry, writing tips, and want to network with other similarly-minded writers, then you’ll love being part of us.

Writers Challenge is all about the challenges we face as writers and the writing challenges we love to face. Add your skills to our ever-growing community of writers and we’ll enjoy the writing challenges together.

Photo by Stefan C. Asafti on Unsplash

Our First Flash Fiction Writing Challenge

The image above is meant to inspire. What’s happening here? Who is this person and what are they doing? Where are they going? Why are they alone? What’s in the bag? Tell us what YOU imagine. Just be sure to use 100 words to tell your tale. No more, no less. That’s the challenge.

You can write a poem, a brief fiction, create a news flash from a reporter’s perspective or use whatever writing style you feel relates your story in the best way. One proviso, please be sure to keep your writing PG-13 appropriate so more readers can enjoy it.

You’ll need to be added as a writer, so just drop a comment with your Medium link and I’ll add you. Then, submit your DRAFT to the publication and I will publish it for you straightaway.

Thanks for joining in and, feel free to invite others as well! The more the merrier.




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