Kickstarter Boot Camp

waterlily and pond
photo by Kimberlee Johnson

Kristina, I have known I was supposed to write my entire life. It was my secret that I was scared to say out loud very often. Education, learning, or even books weren’t rewarded in my world. Later in life, writing became my solace, then my reward, and now my hope for the future. I have always written but just for me.

I need mentoring and to be around positive, driven, and dedicated professionals to learn the craft and find the confidence I need to share the stories I was meant to write.

I love your work and your attitude. I admire that you took the leap to keep your family as your priority while carving out a lucrative place for yourself while still helping others. Thank you for giving of yourself and for paving the way for the rest of us!

CC’d @robertralph & @kristinagod



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Kimberlee Jakobe

Kimberlee Jakobe

Advocacy Specialist Certified in Conflict Resolution. Talk to me about how to flex your #CollectiveConsumerPower. Reach me anytime~>