Let’s Be Friends

An obsessive writer hoping to make genuine connections

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Hey there, I’m Jasmine

Lately, I have disconnected from other writers and members of my audience. I have been concerned with transforming my earnings that I forgot what makes Medium such a unique platform.

For the past week, I have had this feeling of emptiness. I knew something was lacking, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it.

Instead of lingering in the depths of my mind, I decided to reach out for help.

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I need positive interactions and connections.

This past month I have been overwhelmed by personal expectations. Since I started writing on Medium, I realized that I’ve become more and more obsessed with earnings rather than connections.

As a writer who is constantly worrying about the perfect words, I feel that the more I stressfully create, the farther away I get from my goals.

Instead of chugging along like the little train that could, I decided to make a stop and meet some people along the way.

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Why I’m writing to you

I think what I’m looking for is commonality. Lately, I have felt like I’m the only one in the struggle, but I’m not. Reminding myself of this simple fact is hard when most of the work is done individually.

I think that if I made it a habit to reach out more, this journey won’t feel as lonely.

This week, I made it a goal to connect and support the journey of others. Now that I told you about me, tell me about yourself. If you’re someone looking to connect with others, start here.



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