Life Is Not Fair

Life Will Always Seem Unfair

“Life is not fair”. Short quotes that you often hear wherever you are. Life does seem unfair. IF you compare yourself to other people.

It’s just a matter of your lust. You want the world to give you whatever you want. Maybe, you want a luxurious house, a brilliant career, a luxurious car, a handsome face, and other things related to lust.

The solution to this is you just have to accept what you have and take advantage of what you have. So, you can improve the quality of your life. It is better than you lamenting your fate.

But, the problem. Life is not fair not only about lust. If it’s just about lust. I think the suggestions above are enough to solve this problem. But, life will always seem unfair.

Life will always seem unfair in the eyes of humans. Because of what? Human nature in general is to expect more. I’m sure everyone has experienced this, including me. I’ve felt that too.

When I was a child, I saw life as unfair. Little kids my age play and have fun. But, I hard to have fun like a normal child. Because of the heavy pressure of my life. I never told the details to anyone, except my partner.

But what is clear, when I grew up and read a lot of books. My thoughts are the opposite, I accept and am grateful to have been tested that hard as a child. I appreciate myself for having managed to get past that heavy point.

I took many lessons from my childhood life. High pressure, makes a person stronger and smarter in dealing with problems. Every problem has a lesson. For every problem, there must be something you can learn from there.

I do not forbid you to expect more. But I forbid you to lament your fate. You can expect more and nothing forbids that. But you have to be ready to go through the process and fight for it.

Remember Bill Gates’ advice.

“If you are born poor it’s not your mistake, but if you die poor it’s your mistake.”

Rich since birth is a plus to achieving dreams. But, what I see from people who are born rich. They also have to work hard to achieve their dreams. They get out of their comfort zone. They are passionate about pursuing their dreams. Even, working more hours than the average person.

They believe that success is not instant. They believe that success comes at a price. From here I think. Being born rich is not a guarantee for you. Being born rich is just a plus. But, you have to keep working hard to achieve your dreams.

Never be insecure again because of your situation. Don’t let yourself bemoan your fate. Instead of lamenting your fate. You better pursue your dreams and hone the skills you need to achieve your dreams.

Anyone can achieve dreams. Whether it’s poor or the rich. But, dreams must be achieved with hard work. NOT by lazing in your bed while scrolling social media. Bill Gates did not build Microsoft because of laziness. You have to remember that.

You can change this unfair view of life. Just change your mindset. Sounds simple right? But in fact. Doing so is not as easy as hearing the advice.

Changing the mindset requires a strong desire from within. Not done because of coercion from outside yourself. Believe me, if you want to change your mindset because of external coercion. You will surely fail to do so.

Through this article, we can learn together. Changing the mindset is indeed one way so that we don’t always see life as unfair. But basically, we are just human. Sometimes we make mistakes. So, we must get used to an unfair life. But don’t bemoan your fate. Last from me.

Keep Spirit of Chasing Your Dreams!!!!



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