Libraries: The Newest Cheater’s Hot-Spot — Statistically Speaking

My husband met another woman every day right under my nose.

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Have you ever had one of those lightbulb moments where the revelation is so jarring it leaves you knocked over, short-circuited, and smoking for a while?

I have.

One fall day, after my husband had been gone a while, I had a long-overdue ‘aha!’ moment.

Duh! Where had I been?!

I realized that for a couple of years before he left, he’d had open dalliances — right under my nose — and I was too dumb to notice.

Go To the Head Of the Class(less)

Dear Hubs was in the process of getting yet another degree at age 50+. He told me that while I was busy at work during the day, he planned to be at a nearby library ‘studying.’

He reasoned that studying was easier to do there than at home. I remember thinking this was odd, seeing as he was the only one home from 9 am to 7 pm.

However, I shrugged it off and went on.

He later told me that he left each morning schlepping his book bag because he was ‘tutoring’ a fellow student in mathematics at the said library.

I never asked who the said student was.

As it turned out, the ‘fellow student’ was a beer-swilling, recently-widowed, upper-middle-class Stepford wife around our same age.

We’ll call her Mrs. Jones — not her real name.

So man damsels, so little time.

Awww, poor Mrs. Jones — she was struggling with statistics. My husband, the knight in shining armor, had to step up and help her.

She was at a critical point in her curriculum.

Too low a final grade in statistics would most certainly get her booted from the nursing program, and she already had a tenuous cumulative GPA.

Poor thing. How would she support herself if she failed to graduate from the nursing program and sit for her RN licensure?

Furthermore, how could anyone with a beating heart expect my husband to sit idly by and not respond to the siren call of a damsel in distress like this?

Her well-paid professional husband had recently died.

Who else could she turn to for help? Her friends? Her professionally-degreed neighbors? Her family members? Her daughter with a Master’s Degree in Business working in the financial sector?

No, she didn’t need to turn to these folks; her ‘help’ was right there.

My Johnny-on-the-spot (Summa Cumm Laude, times two) husband promptly arrived at nine o’clock sharp each morning to assist her.

And the band played on.

I took his explanation at face value. I trusted him explicitly. Why wouldn’t I?

I loved him; I had no frame of reference to think he would be unfaithful — at least then.

Even though this Real-Housewife-of-Orange-County-type widow was not the woman my husband eventually ran away with, no one will ever convince me that this so-called ‘tutoring relationship’ was ever on the up-and-up.

Experience and pain have both done their much-needed work to help me catch a few clues and wise up.

“Dummy up!”
This was a phrase Dear Hubs used to condescendingly snark at those less savvy and not as intelligent as he deemed himself to be.

I see now that I topped that list.

I’m sure he thought — and no doubt still thinks— that I am as dumb as a box of rocks.

He is wrong. I simply trusted when I didn’t know better.

We live. We learn. We motor on.




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