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Relay inner self to never run out of content

Rishabh Sharma
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3 min readJun 28, 2022


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One of the worst fear of writers is running out of Content Ideas. As a writer, you and I often face the dilemma of what to write?

Every writer goes through the phase of Content deficit, and you need not worry about it.

Today, I will share the two best ways to become an ideas generation machine and never run out of content again.

Dive In Your life

First and foremost, you should bring your own stories to the paper. Your inner self is the powerhouse of the content Ideas. You just have to look inside closely.

Life is happening daily, and there are sweet & bitter experiences that you can share with the world.

You may feel there is nothing special to share, or who cares to listen to your stores. But, there are all sorts of people who might be in your position in life and resonate with you. For example, you can share how you overcome your fear of height, and there must be thousands of people who have the same fear who would love to read about your experience.

Personal experience and stories are a great way to connect with your readers. Everyone has something to share, something to teach, something to inspire, and something to disclose. Bring your own stories first, and then eventually, you’ll get different ideas from different parts of those stories.

Wrap it up in Different Wrappers

After diving into yourself for personal stories, it is time to spice up the presentation. There are so many ways in which you can present a story. It is not rocket science to develop the skill to present a story from multiple perspectives. Let me share an example of how can you pack a story in different wrappers.

Let’s say you started investing in your 20s and have a decent investment corpus ready at your disposal.

Here is how you can share this story on medium -

  • How Investing in my 20s helped me achieve financial stability/freedom
  • 5 Benefits of starting investment in your 20s
  • How I began my investment journey in my 20s, and so can you.
  • My Investment lessons you can apply in your 30s or 40s

So here we made four stories out of one.

  • How Investing in the 20s helped me achieve financial stability/freedom: This is about your personal story. You are targeting the readers who are interested in your personal stories.
  • 5 Benefits of starting investment in your 20s: This is about the benefits of your early investment decision.
  • How I started my investment journey in my 20s and so can you: This story narrates how the readers can replicate your investment strategy for their investment journey in their 20s.
  • My Investment lessons you can apply in the 30s /40s: In this story, you have extended the canvas and targeted the readers in their 30s or 40s.

In this way, you can generate multiple copies of content from one Idea and can also target different users. You have full authority to spread your net to a broad audience or narrow it down to a specific audience.

Implement these two strategies in your idea generation process and witness the ease of generating content ideas.

Do let me know how well these strategies work for you.

Happy Writing!

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