New Writers, Here’s How To Get Featured By Medium’s Editors

There’s one specific #tag you need to use

Kristina God, MBA
New Writers Welcome


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Each day, new writers join Medium. Each day tens of thousands of stories are published on this inspiring platform.

When you hit the publish button, there’s one specific tag (=keyword, label) you should use to get featured by Medium’s editors.

Fellow writer Nancy Blackman, who is part of my first bootcamp this month, wrote a beautiful piece.

It was picked by Medium’s editor Amy Shearn and featured in an article a few days ago.

You may wonder:

How did Nancy do this?

How to get featured by Medium

1 — First, because she wrote an outstanding piece about the relationship between a daughter and her dad.

When looking back, Nancy regrets not having spent more time with her dad.

No education replaces the love I had for my dad.

Here’s her article for inspiration:

What If I Had Abandoned My Assumptions and It Ended in Cheerful Bliss?

I would have been happy making a slower entry into my graphic design career than to…



Kristina God, MBA
New Writers Welcome

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