Perfectionism Is an Obstacle to Reaching Your Dreams

Discover 05 dangers when aiming for perfection

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It is hard to start.

You doubt yourself and you are unsure people will like your work.

What if your work is not good enough!?

To protect yourself from the dissatisfaction and the critics of others, you strive for perfection.

Is it the solution to get the result you want?

Trying to produce perfect content or digital products is not helpful at all. You’ll wait for too much to work and reach your dreams.

Stop trying to be perfect. You do not need a perfect story, you do not need a perfect plan, and you do need to have the perfect tools or materials.

Start and upgrade everything as you move through your journey.

05 Dangers of Being a Perfectionist

1. You are constantly stressed

Too much overthinking involved. You wonder if what you are doing is good. You look for better ways. You are scared to share and not get the results you want.

Your mind is always at work trying to come up with the perfect things.

No peace of mind at all.

2. You don’t produce content

You try to find the perfect idea and everything stays at the brainstorming stage. Your ideas remain seeds.

You do not plant them to grow content. If you do not have trees, how will you harvest the fruits? How will you benefit from your ideas?

3. You don’t publish your work

When you feel like your work is not good enough and you try to find the perfect sentences, and images, … you wait on hitting the publish button.

If you manage to write something, you will overthink the work. Since you are looking for the perfect content, you share nothing or publish rarely.

Consistency will be missing.

4. You don’t progress

Yes, you need to create to improve. You need to publish to get instant feedback and keep becoming better. With multiple stories published, you will be able to see the topics that perform well and focus on creating them.

With none of that, I wonder how you will improve…

5. You might never reach your goals

The perfect time will not come. Your article will never be perfect. There would always be something to say about it.

Small actions taken over and over are the ones that will help you attain your goals. The collection of your work and the accumulation of stories drive more and more readers.

Your trials, your errors, and your small wins build your success.

Final Words

Please stop trying to be perfect and take action now.

Isn’t it better to take an imperfect action that to stay perfectly still?

Share your work and you will improve over time.

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