Positive Emotional + Information Will Produce Long Term Memory

Formulas you should know


The brain is more than just a muscle. The brain changes and becomes stronger when used. And scientists were able to show how the brain develops and becomes stronger as you learn.

When you learn new things. Your brain gets stronger, and when you challenge your mind to learn, your brain cells will grow. The result is a stronger brain and makes you smarter.

A strong brain will certainly have a good impact on you while undergoing activities. You become easy when you memorize something. Not easy to forget. Think smarter. Those are some of the benefits that you will get when you train your brain. I have a friend, he never trains his brain to learn. His days are only spent playing games. When spoken to, I like talking to a wall. No response from him. Because too busy taking care of the games.

This has a bad impact on his life. But he didn’t realize it. I’ve seen him have trouble remembering 8-digit numbers. He didn’t have to remember it for long, he just had to remember it for a while. He only had to memorize it for a moment to transfer the number to a website. This is clearly a bad effect of his daily habits, it’s just that he is not aware of this.

For me. If negative things are coming our way, but we are not aware of it. It is very dangerous for life. Because we don’t realize it, we can’t get rid of these negative things.

It is important for us here to be diligent in self-evaluation. So that we know, what things have the potential to trigger negative effects. By doing this, we will be more aware of the negative.

Back to the topic of discussion. I’ve heard advice from Jim Kwik. Some of you, maybe familiar with that name. Jim Kwik is a world-renowned memory and brain coach. Offering executive coaching services to students, entrepreneurs, and leadership guides. Jim Kwik is famous for his book entitled “Limitless”.

Jim’s book, Limitless, contains a step-by-step formula for removing limiting beliefs. Retaining energy, activating memory, focus, productivity, creative thinking, and more. In this book, Jim shares the infinite model and gives you a guide to your brain. So you can unlock the mindset, motivation, and methods to be extraordinary. I don’t want to go into the summary of this book any further.

I will return to discussing the advice given by Jim Kwik. I got this advice from youtube. Positive emotions + information will produce long-term memory. But negative emotions like boredom + information will result in useless thing. Useless means that the information you get will not go into long-term memory. The information will only pass through sensory memory and does not continue into short-term or long-term memory.

It happens because of negative emotions. If you are feeling negative emotions such as feeling bored, it’s a good idea to get rid of those emotions first. Don’t let negative emotions settle, while you are studying. Because it would be a waste if that happened.

Bored of doing an activity is natural and should not be too bothered. When you feel bored, you calm down and just accept this feeling. You don’t have to rush to get rid of this feeling. You try to allow yourself to do the habit that you like. Like playing musical instruments, games, snacking on your favorite food, watching YouTube, and other things that you like. But keep in mind, don’t do this too much. Because it will trigger the nature of procrastination. Just do 10–20 minutes to do this activity. Then get back to being productive.

You can also make your way of learning different so it is not monotonous. Initially, you learn to use books. You can use your laptop or smartphone. Initially, you study in the bedroom. You can also study in your home page, or wherever you feel is suitable.

Never say “I’m bad at remembering things/I’m bad at studying things/this isn’t my talent”. If you talk like that, it’s like you programmed your brain like that. No brain is smarter.

Which exists more trained or often used, the trained brain will certainly be stronger. Creativity is not owned, but creativity is done as often as possible. Focus is also not owned, but done & trained. Einstein didn’t have a bigger brain, but he did have strong cells due to frequent training. This is the importance of training the brain so that it is useful for your life.

There is a way of learning so that we understand more quickly. This method is named BEFAST.

· Believe (Believe in being able to learn anything and believe in being able to understand it).

· Exercise (Exercise your physique so that your brain runs and makes the brain stronger).

· Forget (When you learn something that you already understand, forget it, as if you just learned it. So that your knowledge about it is getting stronger).

· Active (Active questioning, active productive, etc).

· State (When learning create a fun atmosphere, don’t be bored to learn something).

· Teach (Share the knowledge you learn to others).

This method is very useful for me while I’m studying. I recommend you to try to practice it in your life. I am sure, you will more easily understand something. Believe me, your brain is more sophisticated than a computer processor. It’s just how you use it that determines that.

You can see this video.

So that you can see and learn for yourself. I hope this article is useful for those of you who read. Because if it is useful. Of course, I will feel happy because I have shared it with you. Don’t forget to practice it in your life.



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