Shame! You Have Been Wasting Your Problems. Do This Next Time You Solve a Problem For Yourself

How to unlock a goldmine of opportunities from your problems…

Berthran Benaiah
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2 min readDec 2, 2022


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Each time you solve a problem for yourself or achieve a particular result, think of how you can systematize the solution and the strategies that delivered your desired outcome into a blueprint you can serve to those coming behind you.

Once you understand that your problems are only “certifications in disguise” you’ll never miss a chance to claim the authority status they confer upon you.

Becoming an authority…

Fundamentally, you need two crucial elements to become an authority in any field:

1. Knowledge

2. Hands-on experiences (real life, practical experiences)

For example, to become a medical doctor you need a workable knowledge of Medicine, the human body, and some practical experiences (in principle).

Now, everyone attends the university of life.

The people we meet every day and the experiences we have are our teachers.

We become certified when we successfully solve a problem for ourselves or others.

So, for example, the expert midwife that delivers pregnant women of their babies in a village in Nigeria was certified by the school of life. She didn’t necessarily attend a formal institution to learn that.

Once you understand, that for every problem you encounter and successfully solve for yourself, you inadvertently become an authority (expert) on that subject, you’ll literally be overwhelmed by the plethora of solution blueprints you can offer the world.

You automatically see that you’ve been sitting on a goldmine of opportunities all your life.

How to exploit this goldmine…

All you need do is:

  1. Analyze your problems deeply enough to understand the strategies you employed in solving them.
  2. Systematize the solution into blueprints that others can implement in their own lives to get the results you got.
  3. Serve that solution blueprint to those coming behind you for a fee or free.

In the school of life, fees are free, experiences are expensive, and all problems have potential.

Whatever problem you’re going through, see it as another certification program life is taking you through.

The next time you solve a problem for yourself, never fail to systematize the solution into a solution blueprint and serve it or sell it to those coming behind you.

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Berthran Benaiah
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