Sleep Tight- It is a meditation

Effective ways to sleep better

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We often hear our mothers and loved ones saying “sleep tight”. For us, it seems like a gesture of care and saying good night. But there is the real meaning hidden behind those words. Our body is like a machine, to function properly the mind and body needs rest. It can’t work 24 hours. The body automatically heals the tired and workout tissues while we are asleep. There are many effective ways in which we can have a better good night's sleep every day. So it is safe to say that Sleeping is a meditation.

For our body and mind to work in harmony an adult needs at least 7–8 hours of sleep in a day. Nowadays with a very hectic lifestyle, it has become difficult for people to have a good 8 hours sleep. Stress, anxiety and social media are engulfing people’s minds to such an extent that it is affecting their brain due to which they are losing their sleeping pattern. If we analyse, the effect is deep in the long run. Health-related issues develop after a certain age.

The biggest drawback of using electronic devices during bedtime is Insomnia. It is a disease in which a person loses their sleeping pattern and it is hard for them to have asleep. Scientists have proved that if a person's sleep is less than 8 hours, other than insomnia, there are many other health-related issues that a person can face. There can be either short term or long term issues to a sleep-deprived person.

Problems like mood swings, lack of concentration, weight gains and loss of memory, might be related to short term health issues for a sleep-deprived person. Being drowsy in the daytime and driving may also lead to road accidents. The prolonged short term issues may lead to long term health problems. Health problems like risk for diabetes, high blood pressure, weakened immunity, high risk of heart disease, drop in testosterone in men and poor balance may affect a person in a long run.

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Nowadays people can achieve everything but sleep. Many paid guided sleep programs are available online. But it can be easily achieved without such programs with a little change in your lifestyle. There are many effective ways to make you sleep better. Just with a little change in habit, you can achieve a night of proper sleep.

  • Follow proper eating habits- Try to avoid heavy meals before going to bed. It doesn't mean to go hungry to bed either. If you are deprived of sleep avoid having caffeine and alcohol at late night as it can affect your quality of sleep. Alcohol might make you feel sleepy, but it can cause discomfort later in the night.
  • Make a sleep schedule- For adults, the recommended amount of sleep should be 7 to 8 hours. It is very important to set a specific time for sleep. So try to go to bed and get up at the same time every day. Being consistent with the same sleep pattern will awake your natural sleep-wake cycle. It will take time to adjust to the cycle.
  • Avoid or Limit daytime naps- When we were kids we avoided daytime naps, but as adults, we love daytime naps. But to maintain a proper sleeping pattern day time naps should be limited or avoided. A maximum of 30 minutes nap should be good enough for the daytime.
  • Involve in some physical activity- Physical activity may promote a good sleep pattern. For natural sleep, your body should feel the need to rest. Physical activities like walking, jogging, cycling or going to the gym help in it.
  • Create a peaceful and restful environment- Select a room that is appropriate for sleeping. Try to make it dark and quiet. might make it more Avoid prolonged use of any devices like mobiles and computers, laptops which emits light before bedtime. You can take a hot shower before bedtime which will relax your senses and it might improve your sleeping pattern. Try to manage your stress through meditation, it might improve your sleeping pattern too.

One can try these techniques, if still struggling with insomnia, consulting a doctor is a good option that can be considered. Various therapies are designed which can be beneficial in this case.

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