Story of Arfa Karim — Pride of Pakistan

Arfa Karim was born in the Pakistani city of Lahore on February 2, 1995. Her field of research in computer science. At the age of nine, she became a Microsoft Certified Professional. She made history by becoming the world’s youngest Microsoft Certified Professional. She is the holder of numerous awards.

Arfa Karim passed the exam of Microsoft in 2004 at the age of nine. Bill Gates was astounded and decided to meet Arfa. She achieved a Guinness World Record by qualifying for the tough Microsoft test. She amazed Bill Gates and showed her interest in Digicon Valley in Pakistan.

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

Her father served in the military. Her mother was a housewife. At the age of five, she composes her first poem. She is an expert in the field of computers. When her father observed her enthusiasm for computers, he brought a personal computer for her. She also did the training oinIT or course related to computers. That institution suggested her father enroll her in Microsoft Certification Test. She did a lot of hard work to prepare for the test and shocked everyone by passing the test. She was the first Pakistani to attend the Barcelona Developer Conference in 2006.

Several people questioned her in the interview. She also receives an award from the Prime minister of Pakistan. Her ambition was to work as a software engineer. She was 16 years old when she died of cardiac arrest on 14 January 2012. Lahore’s science and technology park, Arfa Software Technology Park has been named after her. Her parents also own the Arfa Foundation, which has dedicated to helping her achieve her ambitions.



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