Surely Giants Aren’t Real?

Or Are They?

Black and white ink illustration of mystical beasts locked in battle.
Battling Mythical Beasts, illustrated in Ink. © publicdomainstockphotos | ID 83054652

Giants and Titans

Fables of Old- an angry ogre

The giant who roared like a hungry lion in hot pursuit of the adventurous Jack, and his stolen brood- a golden egg-laying chicken, first appeared in Fables, The Story of Jack Spriggins and the Enchanted Bean, 1734. Fleeing the great ogre, the boy scrambles back down the…




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Jane Elizabeth Firth

Jane Elizabeth Firth

True story writer, blogger and author of The Porthole Peeper; a lifestyle blog at elizabethwriter. com. I live on a boat on the beautiful Lancaster canal, UK.

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