The Only Two Things You Need To Do To Get Your First 100 Followers

Warning: 100 followers guaranteed

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There are many stories about getting your first 100 followers on Medium. These stories provide good tips for beginners.

The most common tips are:

  • Write catchy headlines.
  • Publish more stories.
  • Write about different topics.
  • Follow other writers.

Medium requires writers to have at least 100 followers to become eligible for its Partner Program. I know, it sucks!

Beginners struggle to receive followers. I struggled too. Even after publishing more than 20 stories, I had only 5 followers.

Then, one day, I searched for “100 followers” in Medium’s search bar. I read all the top stories that popped up.

I responded to one of the stories because the author promised to follow back if I did so. Additionally, I provided a link to my latest story in the response.

The author kept his promise and followed me back.

But, something else happened. I started receiving claps on my response. In addition, a few people started following me after seeing my response.

I was happy. But, that wasn’t enough to reach 100 followers. So, I used the same strategy again and responded to a similar story about “100 followers” by another author.

The same thing happened. I got claps, and more people started following me.

1. Respond

So, the first thing you need to do is:

Search for “100 followers” on Medium and respond to the stories.

Be honest and tell people that you are a beginner writer trying to get 100 followers.

Additionally, post a link to one of your best stories in the response.

Note: I recommend publishing a few stories before responding to other stories. That way, you can link to them in the responses. There will be a good chance that people will read your stories.

2. Avoid self-publishing

The second thing that helped me get 100 followers is something I’m sure you have heard before.

As I said, even after publishing 20+ stories, I received no (or very few) followers.

My mistake was that I was self-publishing them.

It isn't easy to get followers by self-publishing stories. So, here’s what you must do: You need to submit your stories to publications.

New writers might not know how to submit their stories to publications. I didn’t. I thought publication was only for advanced writers who have already “made it” on this platform.

I was wrong.

There are many publications for beginner writers with zero followers. The first publication I wrote for was New Writers Welcome. I recommend beginners to do the same.

To write for this publication, do this and follow these rules, and you are good to go.

You can find other suitable publications and apply for them. Additionally, you can write for multiple publications too. It will increase your chances of reaching out to more readers.

These two methods worked best for me to receive my first 100 followers.

I hope this was helpful.

Lastly, respond to this story if you are on the path to 100 followers. Let people know about it.

Also, don’t forget to leave a link to your best story.





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