Top effective attitude to brush off body-shaming from your life

Life is too short for Body Shaming

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There is a saying that “to love others, first, you have to love yourself.” No matter how you look, irrespective of your colour, height and weight.” Every creature is beautiful, so love yourself without fearing your physical appearance. Body shaming is one of the rising issues in today’s society. And we should try to eliminate it as much as possible. But before trying to explain what is body shaming, first we need to know the root cause and from where it starts. The answer is simple, it starts within “You”. You are the first person who does that. There are a few effective ways in which one can brush off body shaming.

Body Shaming is “judging and criticizing yourself or others because of their physical appearance which includes body parts, body size and skin colour.” People who are sufferers lack confidence and positivity within themselves. There doubt themselves and their abilities in spite of being in their best health. Giving negative comments or teasing on someone’s social media page about their physical appearance is body shaming too. Looking at yourself in the mirror and judging yourself is again body-shaming.

There are many factors that influence body shaming. For example self-criticism, social media, your home, people around you, advertisements regarding products claiming better results for physical appearance, society and lastly the big glamour world. Body shaming is not just confined to women's issues, it has affected men, women and other genders including kids of all ages mostly teenagers.

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Effective Ways to overcome Body shaming-

  1. Never judge a person by physical appearance and stop making remarks on their weight, skin colour and height. We are the first person to make a remark which developed insecurities among the victims. Always tell them or make them realise that they are beautiful. It will boost their confidence.
  2. Love yourself or self-love is the easiest way to overcome body shaming. Every day first thing in the morning you say to yourself that you are beautiful, unique and perfect in your own way and nothing can destroy your spirit.
  3. Read Books, yes to read them right. Read lots and lots of positive and motivational books. Indulge yourself with uplifting, body-positive words. It is just as important as surrounding yourself with positive and loving people who care for you. There are an array of books available in the market which focus on body positivities. Few of the books I am listing here. Go grab your copy now.
  4. Reach out and bring positive people into your lives. You can never evolve if you are surrounded by negative people. People who are interested in other's life rather than their own. To know if the person is good or bad, you just need observation and commonsense. You have to see how he is treating other people or whether he is giving any remarks on them or not. If yes, move forward and if not then you can include him in your circle.
  5. Do some sort of exercise or meditation. It will help you to focus on yourself and your inner quality rather than your physical appearance.
  6. You can not avoid social media but you can stop blindly following celebrities from magazines and television shows. Mostly they all are scripted and far away from reality. They are paid huge amounts of money to appear in the magazine creating an illusion for common people like us.

These are the effective methods that I feel should be adopted when dealing with body shaming. Apart from this if you have more ways how to overcome body shaming, feel free to share your ideas in the comment below.

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