Try not to think 🤨

(isn’t that thinking?)

I’ve lived in 6 months more than some do in a few lifetimes.

I had a child (ten years old), fell in love with him, immediately had to deal with distance learning, with fear, with learning difficulties, isolation, then with the return to school, a new one, and later I had to deal with the most challenging of all: I lost my child… He is not dead but he was mine and now he is not.

Sometimes I chose not to talk about it because I’m afraid of falling deep into a hole and not being able to climb out. Others, like now, I feel the urge to say it into the sheet, to let out this anguish that not knowing what happens next puts me through.

Anyhow, I am a very positive person, I think, I process, I move forward… but sometimes it hurts so much that it is not possible. Luckily it happens little.

couple Portugal writer ElisabeteGonçalves
Photographer Elisabete Gonçalves da Silva — #elisabetegoncalves #percursosimprecisos #irrevogavel #imbicta #porto #portugal #writer

Today, after work we decided to go out for dinner and a walk. I was talking to my husband about our lives, their challenges and I was asking him if he thought that everyone has such stories, such chapters in a life filled with surprisingly challenged events — that we usually overcome and feel stronger after being able to do so — but living life in such a fast rhythm that we face the challenges, overcome them and do not even have the time to talk about them with our friends and relatives before facing the next one?

– Does everyone struggle with this?




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Elisabete Gonçalves da Silva

Elisabete Gonçalves da Silva

Someone living life day by day. Thank you for your support:

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