Unfortunately, I Can’t Make Money On Medium. So, Will You Please Buy Me A Ko-fi?

Medium doesn’t support my country for its partner program.

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So here’s the deal: I can’t make money on Medium.

It’s not because I don’t have 100 followers or I do not write good stories (well, I hope not). Instead, it’s because Medium doesn’t support my country for its partner program.

Making things worse, even Stripe does not support my country. So, I don’t think I am going to make money from Medium any time soon.

People are happy when they get their first 100 followers on this platform. It means that they can now join the Medium partner program. When I got my first 100 followers, I didn’t know whether to celebrate or feel miserable.

Even though I’m not a successful writer here, my stories get good audience engagement. Currently, I have 178 followers and some of my stories have gotten over 500 views.

I know I’m not going to make big money with these stats, but at least, I would be motivated to continue doing the good work.

As a writer, my job is to write. I have been writing for free for more than a year. When I first discovered Medium, I found hope. I saw a possibility that I could make money doing what I love, which is writing.

Currently, I write for my clients, and I write on my blog. I make a decent income from writing. However, my income depends on my clients’ work.

On Medium, I can write on whatever topic I want and still make money.

Buy Me a Ko-fi

I recently published a story about how I don’t feel excited to get 100 followers. I received responses from a lot of people in that story. They agreed that Medium should update its policies and make the partner program accessible to all countries.

One of the responses that stood out to me was from Robert Ralph, who runs a publication called New Writers Welcome. He shared one of his stories with me. It said that you can make money from Medium without Stripe.

His story introduced me to a website called Ko-fi. It’s a website where you can receive donations directly from fans.

At first, I wasn’t much interested in it. But then, I saw many writers on Medium talking about it. So I signed up. It turns out that I can receive donations on Ko-fi from others.

So, here I am, asking for your support. I am doing it without shame because doing so takes courage.

If you have found value in my work here on Medium, please consider donating whatever you can.

Buy me a Ko-fi here.

Your contribution would really help me; it would motivate me to work hard and write good stories.

Lastly, whether you donate or not, I will keep writing stories here on this platform for as long as I can, even if I am never accepted for the Partner Program.




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