What Exactly Is Autism? Is There A Treatment?

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Autism is a developmental disease that affects the brain’s mental growth of speech — communication abilities during the first three years of life. In 1943, psychiatrist Leo Kanner originally described it as a condition in youngsters who had difficulty relating to and were hypersensitive to changes in their surroundings.

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The problem faced by autism patients:

Communication is difficult for people. They have a tough time able to understand what other people are thinking and feeling. It makes it difficult for individuals to communicate, whether through words, gestures, facial expressions, or touch. Learning difficulties may be an issue for people.


  1. Having difficulty adjusting to changes in lifestyle
  2. Eye Contact Fear
  3. Repeating phrases or words
  4. Disturbances in sleep
  5. Disruption in Behaviour

Because there is no medical test for ASD, such as a blood test, diagnosing the problems can be difficult. To make a diagnosis, doctors examine the child’s behavior and growth.


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Autism has no known cure. However, for a child with ASD, early treatment can make a significant difference in their development. Some individuals believe that ASD is linked to the vaccine that children receive, although studies have proven that there is no link between vaccines and the development of ASD.

If you suspect your kid has ASD or another developmental disorder, you should consult with your child’s doctor as soon as possible.




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