What Super-Rich Solopreneurs Understand That We Don’t (But We Could)

It took me a while to realise this.

Martina D.
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Aleksandar Andreev

Solopreneurs and one-person businesses mostly look at their competition in two ways.

As a milestone — beating competition is their top goal.

As a tool — to learn about the market, analyze what works and doesn’t, and use it to build their own edge within the demand frame.

Guess which approach the richest solopreneurs take?

You are right.

Here’s why:

The problem with focusing on your competition only to beat them, is that you end up doing everything in reaction to what they do.

Reacting is not creating.

You’ll always be at pretty much the same level as them.

Sometimes chasing their tail, sometimes taking the lead. But always in proximity. Always around.

For the most successful entrepreneurs, that’s not enough of a goal. Because it means they’re always just another face in a crowd. Even at the top.

Instead, they understand this:

Yes, it’s crucial to stay in the high-demand zone.



Martina D.
New Writers Welcome

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