Why Does My Cat Love Boxes So Much?

And Why Is It So Scared of Cucumbers?

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If you’re a cat owner, you’ve definitely experienced that awkward moment when your cat starts licking your hair while you sleep, pounces on your laptop in the middle of an online meeting, or even drops a dead bird on your rug while giving you a cute stare that says "You’re welcome"

But why do domestic cats do all these? Are they purposely trying to mess up your day? Or they just can't help it. Keep reading to find out

1. Why Does My Cat Bite Me?

Felines have a very thin line between enjoyable petting, and irritating handling, which means, your cat could be purring at you and then suddenly turn around to bite you.

When a cat bites you, it's simply telling you that it's not at all comfortable with the way it's being treated or handled. Cats also bite you when they are scared, seeking attention, or just out of boredom.

Kittens will sometimes bite you to test how powerful their jaws are.

If a cat has had a traumatic past (mostly stray cats) and is suddenly brought into a family, it could feel threatened by other people or pets and use biting as a stress relief.

Also, if you're petting your cat and it bites you, you're either petting it too hard or petting it at the wrong spot.

Cats will also hiss and bite you if you’re trimming their claws, in that case, you’re going to have to be firm and scold them for it because if they learn that biting you is an easy repulsion, you could end up dealing with a really bitey cat.

2. Why Is My Cat Scared of Cucumbers?

Do you know that cats are instinctively wired to avoid snakes? Snakes and anything else that looks like them or moves with a slithering pattern always put them off.

It could even be inanimate objects: Ropes, twines, and in this case, cucumbers bear a slight resemblance with snakes, and the mere sight of them could make your feline pals hysterical.

It is however a terrible idea to go about using this for content as we see on youtube. You see, when you scare your cat, you slowly hurt its mental health until it reaches the stage where it not only becomes scared of the stimulus but the surrounding with which the stimulus (in this case, the cucumber) was presented.

3. Why Does My Cat Love Boxes So Much?

Most cats react to stressful situations by running and hiding, of course, which applies to your domestic cat.

Wild cats have treetops, caves and dens, Fluffy has your tv shelf, food cabinet, and empty boxes.

Cats generally feel much safer in a box because it’s practically impossible for any predator to sneak up on a cat when it’s inside a box, of course, there aren’t any predators at your house but the instinctive behaviour is still there.

Apart from hiding from predators, they also use it to hide from prey: Domestic cats still have wild hunting instincts and when they hunt, they usually hide behind tall grasses, the tall grass here is the box they’re in.

In other words, Fluffy is doing some hunting practice and guess what, the prey is either you or your furniture.

Cats also love hiding in boxes because it's insulated and provides them with more heat and warmth.

4. Why Does My Cat Always Climb the Furniture

Cats climbing really high spots have something to do with their ancestry. Cats love to climb trees and anywhere above the ground to give them an advantage over prey, as well as offer them safety from predators.

Our domestic cats haven't yet shaken off this evolutionary trait, and so they find themselves on top of your food cabinet and drawers.

Cats also love to climb on furniture to know what exactly is there, in other words, out of curiosity. When they eventually get there and find it comfortable, they'll turn that spot into a regular "lounge" and it's quite difficult to snap them out of it.

Contrary to memes and pop culture, cats aren't indifferent towards their owners. As a matter of fact, they love spending time with us so much that if we frequent a particular spot (like the couch), they could find themselves regularly hopping on such areas even when we're absent.

Believe it or not, we actually have a share in the blame too: When they do it as kittens, we usually go "Awww" and refuse to show them that they aren’t allowed to climb the couch. When they grow into adults, they become used to this behaviour.

5. Why Does My Cat Lick Me?

This one is actually quite cute: cats lick us to show love and affection, they also do this to groom us and make us clean, after all, that's how cats clean themselves and their kittens.

6. Why Does My Cat Keep Bringing Me Dead Rats?

In the wild, cats teach their young how to hunt by bringing back dead animals. Domestic cats share this instinct will bring you dead animals to treat you as part of the clan while attempting to teach you to do the same.

It may look disgusting but they have good intentions, they probably see you as that injured member of the group incapable of fending for itself so they try to bring you food too.

7. Why Does My Cat Keep Knocking Stuff Over?

Cats use their paws to explore objects, they swipe or gently tap objects to understand whether it's safe or not due to how sensitive their paw pads are.

Cats also do this to get your attention: You see, cats really hate being ignored and would do anything to get your attention, even if it’s bad attention.

Believe it or not, cats know what makes you tick, they understand that when they knock over that vase, you’ll freak out, rush over to where they are and give them any kind of attention. They’re manipulative creatures.

They also do this because it's fun: Cats enjoy it when they knock stuff over, they enjoy the tactile feel of the object, the sound it makes when it comes crashing down, and the thrill of a clean getaway, says Amy Shojai, a certified animal behaviour consultant.

Cats have very complex psychology and due to their behaviour, aren’t really easy to study.

So when they scratch your sofa to shreds, bear it at the back of your mind that it could just be an evolutionary trait which they may have no control over.

Or maybe that’s just what they want us to think.








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