Why You Should Not Stop Writing On Medium

Even if your country is not eligible for the partner program

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Trapped in an unsatisfying job

Medium won’t pay me

But there is still a way out.

This year has been one of the most upsetting years I have ever experienced career-wise, the carpet was pulled roughly from underneath me when I was suddenly transferred from the radio job I had to a department I had no business being in.

I was then given 12 days of compulsory leave by my boss for reading articles on Medium at work. I stayed at home for the twelve days reading more articles when I stumbled on Khadejah article about writing every day on Medium and earning while at it.

A glimmer of hope ran through me, I could totally do this and finally quit this job that has made me so unhappy for so long. So I set on the journey to becoming a top earner on Medium. At this point, I had just seventeen followers, I planned to gain the required hundred followers within a month but to my surprise, I gained a hundred followers in a week by actively interacting in the community and coming across Billy Jones’s article where he wrote that he would follow you even if your writing sucked.

Deep down, I was worried that Medium didn’t pay people who lived in my country so I checked out a top writer here who has a Nigerian name Ayodeji Awosika and I discovered he lives in the United States.

My hope of quitting was dashed when I found that my country wasn’t supported by Stripe.

However, even though I can’t make money, Medium has been great for me and if you are like me, living in a country that is not supported by Stripe, here are some of the things I have gained by writing regularly on Medium.

Medium has been home for me, I have been read more times than I can boast of being heard in my radio career. At least I can see the stats — 2500 reads in a month.

I am creating work that is not as perfect as I would love but I am giving myself an opportunity to grow by keeping at it and I am proud of that.

I won’t stop writing because I feel fulfilled whenever my readers send me messages about how my article has helped them or how they love it.

I won’t stop writing because I am getting my thoughts and voice out there and it feels so damn good.

I won’t stop writing because all of you have supported and encouraged me through this journey and I shouldn’t let you down. I now feel like I am on Ngozi Chimamanda Adichie level because my words are highlighted when the reader feels the truth in my words.

I won’t stop writing because it is what I love doing and I see this as a way for me to build a platform for the digital products I create and the services I render.

The Medium community is the most welcoming and supportive community I have ever been in. I have gained 460 followers in less than two months as at the time of writing this article which is the fastest I have ever grown on any platform, and I would like to use this opportunity to thank you all.

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Since Medium wouldn’t pay me, you can help me get paid so I can finally quit my job by making this article go viral by clapping, recommending and quoting so more people are aware of the services I render.

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Thank you all so much.

If you are like me, from a country that is not supported by Strife, don’t give up hope because there is so much you can do with writing regularly on Medium.

Do you want to gain access to the numerous articles, courses and resources that I create? Well here is where you can begin.



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