“You are Highly Favored Greatly Blessed And Deeply Loved”

What is your Daily Proclamation in Life?

Highly Favored Greatly Blessed Deeply Loved
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Learn to wake up on the right side of the bed. Daily. It makes a difference for the rest of the day.

The day will be unbearable due to ‘Words’. The 1st Word we all speak to ourselves is the most vital pill. The 2nd act is learning to push away the toxic words from other people.

What is the 1st word you proclaim before you start your day?

Happy Pill #1: Practice mindfulness.

Killing 2 birds with 1 stone is time-saving and cost-effective. It is also a lever to competency.

Observe carefully enough, soon we are all running after Time for everything. Time is like a man. In my belief, Time is God. To save Time, often we multi-tasked.

The repercussion is something we do not see.

I ate my meals and worked at the same time. Literally, I did not know doing that also contributed to obesity later on. I made my organs stopped processing, food when I stopped to do my work, then start processing when I continued to eat again.

Mindfulness is us being present in the present with what we are doing. Not practicing it often brings our focus all over the place.

Not just about weight and health, are we aware that our actions lacked mindfulness often as we aged? Where is that main focus on just doing 1-thing at a time?

Highly Favoured, Greatly Blessed and Deeply Loved
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Happy Pill 2#: We are what we eat.

Be it food for the body or what we watched and read as alternate consumption. What we self-talked and convinced ourselves matters too.

Tony Robbins said:

“Change your story, change your life”.

Words. Choosing the right words is our vital vitamin pills. Hearing the right words too.

In 2004, I met a man. Pastor Joseph Prince. In my line of duty back then, naturally I met monks, priest, fathers, bishops, pastors, teachers and volunteers from all over the industry. I learnt from him, that what we proclaim daily matters.

Day in and out especially being with temporary jobs time and again, we all are challenged. Before we sleep, and after we woke up, learn to say good words to ourselves “I am highly favored, greatly blessed and deeply loved.”

Yes! Finished. Simple as that.

Happy Pill 3#: Be with the Right People At the Right Time and Observe their thoughts from their words.

When we are in between jobs, choose who we interacted carefully. Some people will reduce us lower than themselves just over a piece of paper’s credibility.

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Once I led my school kids for lunch. We say grace before we ate. In our own way. The Muslim kids read their grace. I saw kids clasping their hands together closed their eyes to say their prayer as Christians.

Both instances, I listened carefully to their words. It was my favorite to think deeper into the meanings.

The Muslim boy said:

“God, please bless us in what you had blessed us with. And protect us from Hellfire.”

The Christian girl said:

“Lord bless the food before us may it nourish our body and give us strength to do what is right, in your favor.”

Both instances, they proclaimed good words. To be blessed in what had been blessed upon us. Children, with good words, they think good. When we choose bad words or negativity, they’ll soon follow through.

Happy pills 4#: Have your ‘mantra’ and proclaim it with full conviction daily

During the pandemic, we all will meet different people in life. While interacting, learn to sift their words like we sifted flour before making a dough.

In 2013, a taxi driver whose ancestral lineage goes way back to the old century sages said to me:

“Human being tends to worry too much about their sustenance. Their living income. Their money. Look at the birds in the sky. Who feeds them? Look at the fishes in the seas, who curated for them what they eat? There will always be jobs for everyone? ” — Habib As-Seggef

I did not speak a word in the taxi when my mind drifted into deep thoughts of hopelessness. He was godly-sent.

In Singapore, we were taught proverbs often in school. During high school, doing Literature as part of my subject, we dive deep into words and meanings of phrases.

I had a classmate whose parents lost their jobs. When she came to the class before a school assembly, sat quietly. I read my books. She chanted:

“Our Lord who art in Heaven, hallowed be your name. Your kingdom come. Your Will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven. O please give us our Daily Bread, deliver us from Evil.”

She proclaimed it. Soon enough her parents found jobs. From several temporary and contract jobs which may seemed throughout 4 years of our high school, into a permanent role full-time on our graduation year.

Having a daughter walking by faith is far-fetched better than having a child who eyes the World luxury and look down on the poor or lesser. Some parents waited long to see this, because they wanted peace in the world and forgotten God arranges the Time.

So get your ‘mantra’ daily done. Wake up after every prayer and silent time in our own way of life and beliefs, let’s start telling ourselves good words.

As for me:

I am highly favored, greatly blessed and deeply loved.

Thanks for reading.



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