You Have Everything You Need

The happiness that you seek everywhere, lives inside you. Your job is to realize it.

Saumu Kamau
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2 min readMar 15, 2022


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Recently, a friend asked me a question most people would dread. What would you do if you woke up with no source of income, and no savings? I didn’t have an outright answer then, but I thought about it extensively later that day.

My conclusion was that at first, I would be miserable, sad, angry and confused.

Eventually, I would be fine. I would possibly take the risks I have always avoided, for the fear of leaving my comfort zone. After some time, I would have found something that works, and moved on.

I might end up enjoying my new life better than the previous norm. This is because happiness isn’t tied to my income source or savings.

You don’t need any external forces to make you happy or complete. Everything you need is inside you.

Covid-19 changed the world. In a few months, people lost their loved ones, lost employment, got salary cuts or fell ill. The luckier ones maintained their jobs but worked from home. All these changes were not anticipated and they brought about stress, anxiety, depression, helplessness and fear.

It’s been about three years since. Some people who lost employment have undevoured into businesses, which turned out profitable. Some of those who fell ill have adjusted to healthier lifestyles, some with salary cuts worked into gaining multiple income sources. Those forced to work from home have become better spouses and parents.

Even though the external factors they thought brought them joy were taken away from them, they are still alive and happy or even happier.

Ensure that change won't make you unhappy

Don’t tie your happiness to anything— Happiness is not found in material things. It’s a choice that comes from within. Treat everything else as transient and yourself as the only determinant of happiness.

Accept that you can’t control everything — Sometimes you carry an umbrella, and it doesn’t rain. You can still use it as a shield from the sun. Make the best out of every situation that life presents by choosing to see the brighter side.

Cultivate the culture of patience — Sometimes we want things to flow successfully so fast, and when they don’t work we feel like failures. Learn to let things time to work out at their own pace without tagging expectations. Eventually, everything falls into place.

Don’t stress about getting stressed — We spend a lot of time thinking of what will happen if we lose what we have attached our happiness to. If we stressed less, we would enjoy the current moment and adjust better if the actual loss occurs.

In an infinite world, our needs can be met in infinite ways. Avoid limiting your options.



Saumu Kamau
New Writers Welcome

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