Play your own game, at your own pace

You can’t play someone else’s game and play your best. Play to your strengths and work at your pace. Once you adopt someone else’s cadence you lose your balance.

Don’t be the drummer following the guitarist’s tempo!

It’s very difficult to improve where you’re weak. It’s much easier to go with your strengths and build on existing skills.

The same goes for timing. When you start lusting after someone else’s stuff (status, possessions, accomplishments) you lose focus on your own goals and processes.

It’s good to measure success and observe things that work for others. It’s very counterproductive to constantly change your pace to fit that of people who have a head start or, worse, are playing a completely different game.

If the kicker trained like a lineman, he’d be an awful kicker.

Celebrity is corrupting and one of the most corrupting forms of celebrity is the celebrity entrepreneur.

From unrealistic expectations to obsessive goal switching, these icon entrepreneurs can get you off your game by talking about a bunch of stuff that doesn’t relate to your situation right now. Stay focussed on your own game. The old school network marketing MLMers would call them dream thieves, the people who get you to drop your present company or product line to jump on theirs. Just like any sales pitch (or con for that matter), there’s something to that idea. Don’t let someone talk you out of what’s working to do what they’re selling. [You’ll see a theme in here, about being careful on not getting sold a bad idea.]

Athletes understand these simple processes better than most of us. They realize that you have to play this week’s game, focus on right now, and deal with the next game after this one is won.