Over the past six months, I’ve provided regular updates on the current available data on the novel coronavirus to a small group of parents in my town of Pelham, New York. I began these updates as a purely personal matter, as I was trying to make sense of the outbreak that began in Westchester County in March 2020. In particular, I was frustrated with the lack of consistent information, and with the quality of much of the news reporting interpreting the data.

For full disclosure, I am not a scientist, mathematician, or epidemiologist. I am an intellectual property attorney, with an passion for all things tech including, most recently, blockchain and AI. I also had an experience in the power of exponential behavior that has fueled further exploration of that concept. But neither my avocation nor my interests are directly relevant to my updates, except to the extent they have trained me to approach problems logically and to follow the data.

My updates have previously been provided only to a private Facebook group of local fathers, but I’ve been encouraged to archive them elsewhere, and to provide updates that are easier to read than a group posting on FB really allows. So, I’ve chosen Medium for this purpose and will be uploading prior posts over the next few weeks, and using this platform to publish new posts going forward. For now, I’m going to make these posts Public, but reserve the right to switch back to a private mode in the future.


Lance Koonce

Updates on COVID-19 information from the perspective of Westchester County, NY covering April 2020 —

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