The New York Fed Joins Medium

Jack Gutt, Head of Communications

As a public service institution, our ability to share with others — whether policymakers, public-sector colleagues or the public — what we do and how we do it is vital to our success. It’s why we launched our website 20 years ago and why, in more recent years, we’ve established ourselves on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube, launched the Liberty Street Economics blog and developed an accompanying mobile app.

These platforms provide further information on our work. They provide details on overnight funding rates and the open market operations that we conduct on behalf of the Federal Reserve System. They provide access to our research and invite dialogue around it. They’re a resource for high school, college and graduate students and educators. But even with all that, there are opportunities to do more and to share more.

This is why today we joined Medium. We intend to go deeper on some of the work we do and the issues that we focus on. Our first effort will be related to our October 20th conference on reforming culture and behavior in banking — a critically important topic that we have been focused on for several years. Over the coming weeks on Medium, we have invited the panel moderators to preview some of the questions they hope to discuss.

We hope this starts a conversation and encourage you to share thoughts on the topics we discuss here.

We look forward to exploring this new forum.

Thank you,
Head of Communications, New York Fed

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