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See Manhattan from a new point of view!

Although Liberty State Park is located in New Jersey, it still gives a New York feeling just by the wonderful waterfront view of the city. Liberty State Park is about a half hour away from Manhattan in Jersey City without traffic.

So why go here?

When most visitors think of New York City, pictures of giant skyscrapers, heavy rush hour traffic, and the Statue of Liberty appear in their heads. Although New York is the place where dreams come true and is full of opportunities, it can be overwhelmingly busy at times. As a traveler I found Liberty State Park to be a solution to avoid jam packed areas and still getting a feel for the city. Liberty State Park is very spread out, there are even trails for visitors that allow them to take in the city in a different and cool way.

The Scenery

Liberty State Parks provides a new way to see Manhattan you can’t see anywhere else. As you can see in the picture above, you get to see the skyline of New York City right on the water; perfect for an instagram photo. You can even see a little bit of the Statue of Liberty!


Yes, believe it or not, there are tons of trails here. Whether it’s for a relaxing walk with friends, a light jog, or even a fun bike ride, Liberty State Park is a perfect place to get some exercise. Trails will take visitors along the water and through different fields and memorials. Based on experience a majority of these trails are very easy and we consider them to be more like pathways. The longest trail at the park is the Hudson River Waterfront Walkway and is 5.2 miles from point to point. This trail takes visitors all the way across the park. There are also big green flourished fields where visitors can hang out and picnic.


Liberty State Park is also home to memorials like the Columbus Monument, Empty Sky Memorial, Jersey City 9–11 Memorial, and the Grove of Remembrance. The Columbus Monument honors Christopher Columbus. The Empty Sky Memorial, Jersey City 9–11 Memorial and the Grove of Remembrance are memorials that focus on the 9/11 tragedy. In the Empty Sky Memorial visitors get to walk through two walls, side by side. As visitors walk, the walls get shorter and shorter. Along the walls are the names of the the 749 victims from New Jersey. The Jersey City 9–11 is a structure that looks to be part of a plane with a United States flag over it. The Grove of Remembrance is a pathway which is meant for reflecting. The pathway is typically more quiet and calmer than other areas of the park.

Ferry Rides

If you haven’t guessed, visitors are able to see New York City from ferry rides at Liberty State Park. The two ferry services at the park are Liberty Landing Marina and Statue Cruises. Liberty Landing Marina takes travelers to Ellis Island, the Statue of Liberty, the Liberty Science Center, and of course Liberty State Park. Similarly, Statue Cruises leads visitors to the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Liberty State Park and New York Harbor. Overall, we think ferry rides are a great unique way to see New York City!

At Liberty State Park there are also playgrounds and restaurants! The restaurants here are Liberty House Restaurants and Events, Maritime Parc, and Cafe Skyline, all great food options!

What You Should Know/More General Information

Before you embark your trip to Liberty State Park, here are some things you should know! From our personal experience, we had a tough time getting around Jersey City coming from New York. Although it is close to New York City, we still hit a lot of traffic in the busy streets of both Jersey City and New York. Of course, we still think that it is worth the trip and traffic varies depending on what day you are on the road.

The best time we believe visitors should come is anywhere from mid April to mid October. The winters in the New York/New Jersey area are cold and there is a good chance there will be snow on the ground. Summers are also hot in this area, but when you are by the water the temperature is a little cooler. On the 4th of July, the park also offers an amazing show of fireworks! As for any place, weekends are often more crowded than weekdays. During the year, Liberty State Park is less busy during Fall and Winter.


Parking: $7 per car

Statue Cruises: Adults $22.25, Seniors $17, and Child $12


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