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How did Upstate New York take on Covid-19 and what precautions are businesses taking?

In the past month, the North East has come a long way with decreasing the daily rate of Covid-19 cases and flattening their curve. New York State has gone a month without getting over 1,000 new cases per day. As of July 6th, New York City has entered phase three and regions outside New York City have begun phase four at the end of June. Over the summer, what will opening up look like at some of Upstate New York’s popular destinations? What should travelers expect? Here are some answers from local Upstate New York businesses about how they’ve adapted and what the summer and future hold.

Adirondack Pub and Brewery

Adirondack Pub and Brewery is a brewery restaurant located in Lake George, a popular vacation destination. The Adirondack Pub and Brewery team says that “Upstate is great all year, [but particularly] the summers afford people the opportunity to get out on the lakes and rivers more.” They continue to say summer is “also a time when families get together and rent cottages and houses and just spend time together.” Adirondack Pub and Brewery has been in business for 21 years and has faced recessions, hurricanes, and two pandemics. Unlike other businesses, the Brewery makes their own soda seltzers and whiskeys. The team says that “this idea of making unique things for our visitors carries our whole culture especially our food and people.”

Despite the virus, Adirondack Pub and Brewery is currently still able to operate. The restaurant is following the state and CDC guidelines, which include having guests wear masks when they are not at their tables and limiting the use of bathrooms to only one person at person. The team says, “Our number concern is the safety of our staff and guests.” This summer visitors should look forward to dining in the beer garden (while following safety guidelines) and enjoying fresh brew. Additionally, the brewery crew is currently brewing a grapefruit Kolsh, and meanwhile guests can enjoy the popular strawberry lemon seltzer, made with real fruit. After being closed for months, the culinary team is excited to finally cook up some “classics” like, “Sweet Potato Fries with Melba”, “Smoked Prime Rib”, “Battered Fish and Chips”, and weekly specials that the culinary team created during the closure.

Birch Bark Eatery

For locals or travelers who don’t already know, Birch Bark Eatery is a restaurant and donut shop that is 100% plant based and does not use any animal products in their meals. Birch Bark Eatery first opened doors on October 1st of 2018. In the summers, the Birch Bark Eatery says that their “region [is] generally hustling and bustling due to [their] close proximity to Lake George and all the attractions that are nearby”.

When Covid-19 first hit Upstate New York, Birch Bark Eatery completely closed. Three weeks later, the restaurant was able to open for take-out with no contact and later eased into letting guests go inside to get their orders. Right now, Birch Bark Eatery is offering inside dining again. In order to visit, guests must wear masks in the restaurant. This summer and in the future guests should look forward to enjoying tasty food within a safe environment, as well as more new products and services.

The Park

The Park is an outdoor restaurant in Long Lake in Upstate New York. The family owned business is in its fourth year of operation; however, the family started with an ice cream business on the same site in the 1980’s, added a coffee shop and then started serving burgers three summers ago. Trip Hosley, one family member who grew up in Adirondacks and worked at The Park over the summers, says,”Summers are pretty predictable. No one comes in May/June but the black flies, then once July 4th comes, towns are bustling.” The Park is a seasonal business, so all sales are made during July, August, and September.

During these challenging times, vacation habits in Upstate New York have changed. Some businesses in the Adirondacks have not been able to operate; many events and activities have been postponed to the next summer. Fortunately for The Park, their business operates outside and uses an “order window”, so the transition was not as difficult. The Park has been following the New York State safety guidelines as well as installing plexiglass shields between guest and staff. Additionally, The Park has the luxury of having a larger property and has been able to spread out tables ten to twelve feet apart, allowing guests to safely enjoy their meals. The Park also created an online menu for guest to order meals in advance and schedule a pick up time and in early June The Park offered special chicken to-go dinners to locals. Trips says that visitor’s and local’s should “expect the same great food and ice cream [they’ve] been serving for years, fast wifi, and ‘damn fine coffee’. All served with ‘smiling eyes’!” Trip continues to explain how The Park looks forward to seeing everyone again after the hardships of the lockdown and to bring smiles to visitors faces. “There is nothing like a little ice cream to remind you of all the wonderful things the Adirondacks has to offer.” Trip says, “Come to Long Lake, you can’t miss us right on the corner across from Hoss’s, we’d love to brighten up your day!”

Health Hub

The Health Hub, located in Tupper Lake, New York, is an “integrated farmer owned business locally focused on market and eatery.” The business has been open for four years and they have a “strong seasonal swing” of visitors, lasting about ten weeks of the year. This summer, The Health Hub says that “most summer tourist events are canceled for this year and tourist traffic is drastically reduced.” Due to all changes being made from Covid-19, The Health Hub has shifted their focus from farm style buffet and salad bar to their farm stand and take-out orders. Additionally, The Health Hub offers guests outdoor seating, and an abundance of local products. Health Hub says they “offer an affordable and convenient way to eat locally and support both local sovereignty and the local economy.”

Breakfast Club Etc

For travelers or locals who don’t already know, The Breakfast Club Etc is the only restaurant in Lake Placid, New York that serves breakfast all day. July 7th of 2020 marks their ninth year of business. Heather and Susan, members of The Breakfast Club Etc, say they “pride [themselves] on homemade, from scratch, family recipes.” At Breakfast Club guests will receive a “high quality brunch”, and along with that the restaurant offers ten different hand-mixed Bloody Mary’s and 10 different Mimosa’s. Heather and Susan says that “from the beginning we always wanted to elevate the quality of our food and ingredients to go beyond the standard in Lake Placid.” The Breakfast Club has successfully earned a “Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence” for every year since they first opened.

Typically, during the summer, Lake Placid is very busy with events like Lake Placid Horse Show, Iron Man, lacrosse, and rugby, and is greeted by lots of tourists. The summer of 2020 is expected to look different, and similarly like other businesses, the Breakfast Club has adapted. The Breakfast Club has been following the New York State Guidelines and encouraged guests to do the same, especially regarding masks. Guests must wear masks while their server is at their table to protect the Breakfast Club staff. The staff kept the restaurant a healthy environment by sanitizing condiments in between uses, using disposable menus and QR codes for accessing menus, and thoroughly cleaning the restaurant throughout the day. Additionally, The Breakfast Club is using their dining room at fifty percent capacity. This year, visitors can look forward to the homemade food and safe environment The Breakfast Club has to offer. Although many events are cancelled, The Breakfast Club says travelers can still enjoy hiking, fishing, being on the lake, and amazing views of the Adirondacks.

Boardwalk Restaurant and Marina

The Boardwalk Restaurant and Marina, located in Lake George, New York, is the only restaurant in the area on the water. Visitors get to take in the views of the lake and live music while enjoying a lunch or dinner meal. Typically summers in Lake George are crazy busy. Luke Dow, a member of the Boardwalk Restaurant and Marina says that “Lake George has been a vacation destination for folks from the downstate/tri-state area and all over the world since the late 1800's”. Luke Dow continues to say that “from Memorial Day to Labor Day folks flock here in droves to enjoy the beautiful mountains, crystal clear and accommodating waters of the lake, and the warm hospitality of us locals.” According to Luke Dow, tourist season is heaviest during July and August. Throughout the year, Lake George hosts a variety of festivals like “Americade”, “Firemans Convention”, “Elvis Fest”, “ADK Wine and Cheese Fest”, “Thursday Night Fireworks Series”, “Rock the Dock Music Festival”, “Adirondack Nationals Car Show” and “the Adirondack Independence Music Fest”.

Despite Covid-19, The Boardwalk Restaurant has still been able to operate. The Boardwalk Restaurant has fifty percent capacity in their upstairs dining room, and on the boat house deck. For the safety of visitors and staff, all employees wear masks and gloves, and wipe down tables, chairs, and menus in between guests. In the restaurant, parties up to ten people are allowed to be seated with each other. Guests must wear masks while walking around in the restaurant, but are allowed to take them off at the table. On the Marina, dockhands are constantly wearing masks. Rules for visitors at the Marina consist of, only spending five minutes loading and unloading off boats, seasonal renters must wear masks on the dock, and visitors are not allowed to get off the boats while the staff is gassing boats up or pumping out tanks. Regardless of the changes, customers should look forward to great food, service, location, and the live music which has just started up again.

Although times have changed for this summer, but Upstate New York businesses have met these changes with new and creative surprises for guests. Happy Summer!


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