Celebrate the parties as they come!

Over the course of the semester we talked a lot about national identity, politics, education and so on but we have not had a look at what Kiwi’s celebrate. In Germany we have a lot of public holidays and with some of them it depends on the part of country you live in, in order to know if you have the day off or if it is just a normal day. The big holidays like the anniversay of German unification, Christmas, Easter, Pentecost and Ascension Day are celebrated national wide in Germany. Even if Ascension Day is mostly celebrated by spending the day drinking and having fun with friends and family. But the Kiwi’s are probably not celebrating the anniversary of German unification even though while I was in Australia they rose German flags throughout Melbourne (other cities certainly too) on that day.

So what do the Kiwi’s celebrate?

To start with, in New Zealand when the public holiday falls on a weekend the workers get the Monday after the holiday off work to celebrate the public holiday belated. In General New Year’s Day and the 2nd January are national holiday. So as the 1st January fell on a Sunday this year and applying what we just learned they had an extra day off on Tuesday! Why can’t we have that in Germany?! Of course the Kiwi’s have the same religious holiday’s as we have in Germany so Good Friday, Easter, Christmas Day and Boxing Day are the same and on the same date as in Germany.

What other public holiday do the Kiwi’s have?

The equivalent for the 3rd October is probably the 6th February the Waitangi Day where the Kiwi’s celebrate the signing of the constituent document of New Zealand. They celebrate the Queen’s Birthday on the 1st Monday in June — will they change this national holiday when Queen Elisabeth II abdicates? They celebrate the ANZAC Day on the 25th April which is now a Memorial Day for the Australian and New Zealand soldiers who fought at one point in wartime but it originates from the remembrance of those soldiers who fought at Gallipoli (modern-day Turkey) during World War I. Labour Day is on the 4th Monday in October. Those were the national holidays in New Zealand but every province has its own anniversary day which are spread throughout the year and move should they collide with any other holiday as to not steal a day off from the employers. Well I think Germany should follow this lead ;).

A lot more information can be found on this website which I find really interesting:

http://www.teara.govt.nz/en/public-holidays/page-1 u7OtsUxv7DjRD&�P�F

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