Dusty Monarch and Kiwi Politeness

Readers, watch out! This is one hysterical story that might cause your abs some cramps (at least I couldn’t stop laughing tears reading this)…

Last week, a salesman in Dunedin went head over heels when putting his back into SALE SALE SALE! The suspect man obviously took advantage of a woman’s politeness trying to sell her a vacuum with the name The Monarch in her own home no matter what the cost. Mainly at her nerves’ I’d say, as he remained in the woman’s house until 1 o’clock in the morning. I mean, savor this slowly — 1 a.m.!

​The same salesman started making bawdy jokes about the product, pointed out how dirty their house was, and demonstrated how the Monarch could suck up a roll of toilet paper.

Only the woman’s husband was finally able to give the salesman a kick in the arse. He apparently spoke the same — dirty — language as the salesman. Best of all is, after having left, the seller left a pile of dust on the couple’s carpet.

Again I am wondering if this could have happened here in Germany, to one of my relatives or neighbours, to myself? Nah! Hardly likely would a salesman be invited to enter one of our homes regardless of whether suspiciously accidentally blowing in or pre-appointing, and, what is more, be tolerated for so many hours in our own four walls.

As we’ve broached this topic in class, I also assume that this could only happen because the lady was too polite — AND of course wanted to make a good bargain. Salesmen smell these kind of rats. When I read the story, I immediately had this picture in my mind of this nice Kiwi woman, exchanging first names, offering the salesman a cup of coffee, asking him how he’s doing, listening as attentive as if it was her best friend talking to her, inviting the salesman for dinner…

Read the whole incredible story here: http://www.stuff.co.nz/business/80665378/vacuum-salesman-stays-until-1am-leaves-pile-of-dust.