New New Zealand

In the process of these last three months
my mind settled on the unknown land
its wild nature, its calm people
I got to know them like the back of my hand

I travelled through its untamed regions
through the ruins left by heaven and earth
I saw families in cars and kids without food
and learned what a garage can be worth

I discussed important political issues
like prime ministers pulling hair
what the New Zealand flag should look like
and whether Waitangi was really that fair

These past weeks filled a blind spot on my map
and let me in on its mystery
they taught me to look under the surface
and not to forget the history

I learned that these two islands were supposed
to balance out another state
with its world of water and smaller lands
that belong to the same tectonic plate

I went with John Cook on his first expedition
and on a hunt for freshwater fish
watched the British take over New Zealand
and Te Kooti make his last wish

When just one semester ago that country
was just another name to me
now I’ve discovered so many secrets
and there’s still much more to see