New Zealand’s National Wizard

While searching for a topic for my next blog post, I came across this little fact: New Zealand has an officially appointed Wizard. And by officially appointed I mean, that the Prime Minister during that time signed a document which proclaims him to be “the first Wizard of New Zealand, entitled to wear the appropriate regalia and be required to carry out the duties of national Wizard”.

If you now ask yourselves, what exactly are the duties of a national Wizard? Well…that’s also stated in that document. Apparently a national Wizard is supposed to, among other things, protect the government, cast out evil spities, upset fanatics, cheer up the population and most importantly design and promote a universe which puts New Zealand on top of the world.

Looking at this from a German point of view it all sounds pretty crazy. Just imagine what the reactions would be, if Angela Merkel tried to appoint a National Wizard. It certainly would be entertaining. To understand how it came to this appointment I then looked at the life of “The Wizard”(FYI that’s now his legally recognized name).

His birth name is Ian Brackenbury Channell and he first gained attention in NZ as a public speaker in Christchurch. Dressed in a long black gown and a wizard’s hat and staff, he spoke about controversial topics on the Cathedral Square. In the beginning they tried to get rid of him which didn’t work and now he is an institution and tourist attraction. He is also officially recognized as a Living Piece of Art and again has a document to prove it.

The Wizard also performed several rain dances and blessed a rugby game, which supposedly helped their team to win. One of the most, well….interesting things he did is that he hatched out of a giant egg during a weeklong Wizard’s Conclave in Christchurch. His fellow wizards’ task was to chant the correct ”hum” while he was hatching.

I’m not really sure, what to think of this man, but his story certainly is another thing which makes New Zealand so unique.