“Pun Town” in New Zealand You Didn´t Know Existed

Pun town— yes you read it right. This small town near Palmerston North on the west coast of the North Island of New Zealand is actually named Bulls. Is it bad enough? Like what the hell it is, a town named Bulls! Where are you from? Bulls! Yeah right *rolled eyes*. And just when you think it´s bad enough, the population of the town have embraced the silly name — and decided to try and make a pun with it. And actually, the town marketing team has decided to use puns to market the town, puns like “New Zealand got its milk from Bulls”. Heck, they even use puns signs for local police station! (Const-a-bull, if you want to know). The bad puns might annoy some people, but you can´t deny that it´s a creative way to market your town.

Truly a town like no udder!

Bulls facts, #1: Never ever got lost again, or visited a wrong place, because the sign posts in Bulls contained short description for every place. For example, you might never mistook Windmill Deli for an actual windmill, because actual windmill is not “eat-a-bull”.

Bulls town maps.

Bulls facts, #2: After you eat, you might want to go to toilet. You should be grateful, because the toilets in Bulls are reliev-a-bull.

Bulls facts, #3: You´ll never get lonely, because Bulls sure is soci-a-bull!

Soci-a-bull town

Bulls facts, #4: Want a drink in Bulls? Be sure to be response-a-bull!

when you get it

Bulls facts, #5: You will never forget this town, because this town is simply unforget-a-bull :)

such a cringey way to inform the tourists about your town..

Well Bulls, thank you for the good laugh! When you want to make your time in NZ more memore-a-bull, never ever forget to visit Bulls, a town like no udder :)

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