Effective Ways to Clear History on iPhone

Clearing history in iPhone is a good habit for performance and personal privacy. Call history, browsing history, message history and so on. In this article, I will guide you how to clear any history in your iPhone.

  1. Clearing Call History
  • Open your Phone app and tab “recent”.
  • Tab “Edit” and it will appear call log. Then, tab “Clear” to delete all of call history.

2. Clearing Message History

Message is important and sometimes you need to delete your message for personal privacy. Sometimes you need to save your message. So, in this case think yourself whether you should delete or save. This is your own option.

  • Go to Message app and tab “Edit”.
  • Select the conservation that you want to delete and then tab “Delete”.
  • If you want to clear your message history automatically, you can change these settings. Go to “Settings” and select “Messages”. Then, tab “Keep Messages” and select the time you want to keep up messages. I recommend you to select for 30 days.

3. Clearing Keyboard History

  • Go to Settings and tab “General”.
  • Tab “Reset” and it will appear reset options.
  • Tab “Reset Keyboard Dictionary” and then, it will asked you to confirm. This settings will delete custom words that you have saved.

4. Clearing Safari Browsing History

This setting will remove any information or cookies that are saved on Safari browser.

  • Go to settings and tab “Safari”.
  • Then, tab “Clear History and Website Data”.
  • The confirmation panel will appear and tab “Clear History and Data”.
  • Now, all of the cookies, browsing history, cache and auto-fill information will be deleted. This effect will be reflect on any Apple devices that you have sign in with your own iCloud account.

5. Clear History on Google Search

The easiest way to use Google Search service is using Google Search App. Most of users don’t use Google Search in their browsers, and they use with Google Search App normally. If you are using Google Search app in your iPhone, you need to clear browsing history.

  • Open your Google App in your iPhone and tab “Setting”.
  • Tab “Privacy.
  • Tab “Browsing” option and then history section page will appear. Tab “Clear on-device history.

Remark: This setting will delete search history only on your iPhone. It will not be deleted on Google account. Your search history are still saved at Google account.

6. Clear All Data

This option will delete all of history and data in your iPhone. Be aware of yourself.

  • Go to setting and tab “General”.
  • Tab “Reset” option and then tab “Erase All Content and Settings”.
  • Wait a few moment to reset your iPhone.
  • When the reset is complete, you have to select initial setup. You can setup as new iPhone, restore from iCloud backup and restore from iTunes backup. This is your own option. If you have to hold iPhone as factory setup, I recommend you to setup as new iPhone option.


Although there are many third-party apps to clear history in iPhone, I’m not recommend you to use those third-party apps. Because it will waste your system memory and CPU usage. So, I recommend you to clear manually so that you can save space and system resources for third-party apps.

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