How to Connect iPhone to TV?

Although iPhone has the great features, I think its screen size is small for business presentation and video playback. Sometimes, we need to show presentation in meeting. But as you know, iPhone screen size is so small in this condition and it is only OK for personal looking. So, in this case, we need to connect iPhone with TV for presentation and video playback. In this article, I will show you how to connect your iPhone to TV. So, you can quickly use not only videos, pictures and music but also playing games. Let’s start the journey.

Method 1: Prepare HDMI Cable and Lightning Digital AV Adapter

For this setting, your TV must have a HDMI port. You can easily buy a HDMI cable at any electronic stores. Then, you will also need lightning digital AV adapter. You can buy this digital AV adapter from Apple’s official store or third party lightning AV adapter made in Chinese which is cheaper than Apple’s official AV adapter. But I recommend you to use official digital AV adapter from Apple. After purchasing these two things, now you are ready to start.

  1. Plug digital AV adapter into your iPhone.

2. Plug one-end of HDMI Cable into the digital AV adapter.


3. Then, plug the other-end of HDMI port into your TV HDMI port.


5. Turn on your TV and switch correct input.


Now you will see everything on the TV that display in iPhone and you can show your business presentation, videos or other media files on the TV via iPhone.

Method 2 : Prepare VGA Cable and Lightning to VGA Adapter

If your TV has no HDMI port, you need to buy a VGA cable and lightning to VGA adapter. You can easily buy VGA cable at nearest electronic stores. Then, you need to buy lightning to VGA adapter. I recommend you to buy from Apple’s official store. Apple sells this adapter with 49USD. Ok, let’s start.

  1. Plug lightning to VGA adapter into your iPhone.

2. Plug one-end of VGA adapter to Apple’s lightning to VGA adapter.


3. Plug other-end of VGA adapter to your TV’s VGA port.


4. Now, you are ready and switch correct input.


Remark: VGA adapter can’t transmit audio signal. So, you can only see iPhone’s display on TV and can’t hear any sound. If you want to hear sound, you need to connect iPhone’s headphone jack to speaker.

Method 3 : Connect with Apple Composite AV Cable

This method is also easy and you need only Apple composite AV cable. You can buy this cable from Apple’s official store with 39USD.

  • Make sure that you are connected with right plugs to TV. Yellow color plug is for display whereas red and white plug color are transfer left and right audio. If you only connect with yellow color plug, you can only see screen display and haven’t hear any sound. So, don’t miss this plugs.


Although, there are three common methods to connect iPhone with TV, I recommend you to use with lightning digital AV adapter because it will provide highest quality of display and audio transmit. If you use lightning to VGA cable, you can only see screen display without any audio and you need to connect with iPhone’s headphone and speaker. Although, composite AV cable supports both display and audio, its quality is not better than lightning digital AV adapter with HDMI cable. Be enjoyable.