How to Make SEO Friendly URL in WordPress

We all know about how SEO is very important for a website and content is a king. But some of newbies missed out SEO URL structure. They put default URL structure like as “”. So, the URL is not SEO friendly and it is meaningless. SEO friendly URL should be easy to read. So, your URL will improve chances to rank higher in search engine. In this article, I will guide you how to make SEO friendly URL in WordPress.

You can change the URL structure of WordPress in Permalinks. By the default URL structure in WordPress is plain and it is not SEO friendly. See the following plain URL structure in WordPress.


So, this URL isn’t easy to remember and not a SEO friendly URL structure. SEO friendly URL structure should look like :


To change SEO friendly URL in WordPress, go to settings and click Permalinks. You will see list of URL structures.


Now, you see numbers of URL structures and you can select one of them to assign URL structure format.

  • Plain is not SEO friendly URL structure. You should avoid it.
  • Although Day and name URL structure is SEO friendly, URL is too long and it contains date of content. Sometimes, your content was outdated, you will lose visitor. Because most of visitors don’t want to read outdated content. :D
  • Month and name is similar to day and name URL structure. The difference is date wasn’t show in month and name structure.
  • Numeric style is short. But it shows only with numbers and hard to remember URL.
  • Post name URL structure is short and pretty. Easy to remember and best option for SEO friendly URL structure. I recommend you to use with Post name URL structure.
  • Custom structure lets you customize your own URL style. If you want to use with custom URL structure, see the followings available tag.
  • %year% : The year of your post date, for example 2016.
  • %monthnum% : Month of the year, for example 06.
  • %day% : Day of the month, for example 7.
  • %hour% : Hour of the day, for example 12.
  • %minute% : Minute of the hour, for example 55.
  • %second%: Second of the minute, for example 40.
  • %post_id%: The unique ID of the post, for example 423.
  • %category% : The sanitized version of category name.
  • %postname%: The sanitized version of post name.
  • %author% : The sanitized version of author name.

After you select one of them, click “Save Changes”. I recommend you to use with Post name URL structure. It is the best option for SEO friendly URL structure. Be enjoyable.

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