Using Newbium to see the crypto market in new ways.

Our top 20 graph can now be sliced to show the top 1, 2, & 10 largest crypto currencies.

TOP 1:

TOP 2:

Bitcoin (BTC) versus Ethereum (ETH)

Some people say, they are often moving antiparallel - now you can check that hypothesis visually.

TOP 10:

The top10 (currently BTC ETH LTC XRP DAO DASH LSK MAID DOGE DGD XEM STEEM) together they make up 97.42% of the total crypto marketcap. So the remaining 562 coins (on ranks 11–572) together … are 38 times smaller!

TOP 20:

Not new. The image that you already know. But sometimes it was just too chaotic, that is why: 
- you can also access coins in the acronym list on the right hand side.
- and additionally now, with above URLs, can reduce the number.

In the above graphs, when clicking, the (WOB+CMC+SS) was opened in the same tab, the graph disappeared, made place for the histogram, the “gray Laptop” with CMC data, and the BUY/SELL buttons.

Which is actually not what I personally prefer 
- I want to open several coins in one visit.

Solution found and implemented:

CLICK = open in SAME window/tab
DOUBLECLICK = open in new tab

The (single)click only works in the acronym list on the right — because otherwise, on tablets each touch of the screen would immediately open the new page.

The reason is that the Voronoi Tesselation assigns every single pixel of the graph area … to a coin. So touching any area … will always open the coin whose curve is nearest to your fingertipp.

Vocabulary: Voronoi Tesselation?

Some of you might have wondered what the “Show Voronoi” checkbox is for.
Now, with the new single BTC curve (it is not necessary but) easier to understand:
-see live on enable ‘Show Voronoi’)

“A tessellation is the tiling of a plane using geometric shapes, with no overlaps and no gaps.”

In maths, a Voroni tesselaton is a partitioning of a plane into regions based on distance to points”, and it is named after Georgy Voronoi.

With that algorithm, any pixel of the whole rectangular graph area 
can be assigned to the “nearest” curve — and in our case, that 
allows us to click NEAR a curve, and still HIT a coin. Very practical.

Also, you might not have noticed yet:

Every 5 minutes, the page refreshes itself, automagically.

Why is the auto-refresh useful?

Put it in in a separate small browser window, zoom out (Ctrl-Minus), and leave it open. Then you are among the first who might notice when a top20 market goes boom:

Best of luck in your trading! find me at @altsheets