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Business Model Shifts for the Metaverse

At the beginning of last year (2020), in the throes of the global pandemic, I finished writing the book, Business Model Shifts: Six Ways to Create New Value For Customers, which at the time felt more or less complete in terms of the kinds of business model shifts people would need to consider for the future. And while we were all undergoing our own paradigm shifts, it was pretty clear which business model shifts would fit well within our new virtual (i.e., Zoom and delivery everything) context. Yet, only a year later, the world is shifting again, this time by choice, toward another new…




Ideas are the new black: every day there’s a shinier one. Now that we’ve established that, let’s share our ideas and build off them! That’s the purpose of NewBlck. Every day, at least one new idea will be shared. Feel free to add to it, collaborate, or create something out of it.

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Justin Lokitz

Justin Lokitz

I am an entrepreneur, innovator, advisor, professor, author, and day dreamer. I’m on a personal journey to create meaning for myself and others. Join me!

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