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NFTs Will Make Equity More Equitable

It’s a relatively well-known known fact in the world of startup investing, while earliest investors in a startup, be they family, friends, or angel investors, take on the most risk, they’re often left with less favorable terms and totally diluted shares (i.e., equity) in later investment rounds due to the fact that biggest investors, like venture capital (VC) firms, are often able to use their considerable power to push for more ownership while pushing aside older equity agreements. This is why experienced angel investors often work hard to include pro rata and most favored nation (MFN)




Ideas are the new black: every day there’s a shinier one. Now that we’ve established that, let’s share our ideas and build off them! That’s the purpose of NewBlck. Every day, at least one new idea will be shared. Feel free to add to it, collaborate, or create something out of it.

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Justin Lokitz

I am an entrepreneur, innovator, advisor, professor, author, and day dreamer. I’m on a personal journey to create meaning for myself and others. Join me!

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