Egyptian nationals face increased denials for visas, visas on arrival


What is the change? Due to worsening political relations between Qatar and Egypt, Qatar is more closely scrutinizing Egyptian nationals for consular visas and visas on arrival.

What does the change mean?

Egyptian nationals planning to travel to Qatar should not rely on visas on arrival, as they may be turned away upon entry. They may consider applying for a visa at a Qatari consulate, but should be aware that they face an increased likelihood of rejection.

Implementation time frame: Immediate and ongoing.

Visas/permits affected: Business visas, visas on arrival.

Who is affected: Egyptian nationals traveling to Qatar, including those who hold resident permits in a Gulf Cooperation Council member state and are thus eligible for visas on arrival to Qatar.

Business impact: Egyptian employees and assignees may need to rearrange their plans if they are unable to travel to Qatar.

Background: Relations between the two countries have long simmered due to geopolitical and regional differences, and have intensified in recent years with Qatar attempting to gain influence in the aftermath of the Arab Spring and Egypt accusing the Gulf country of meddling.

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