How do you get to the investment starting line?

Let’s be clear about this, you can get to the starting line and become a property investor though the timeline will vary for everyone. You will probably need to get to the starting line to have any hope of maintaining your quality of life, so how do you do it?

  1. Ensure a finance professional has assessed your borrowing capacity — this is your critical number as it will determine to a large degree the “what” and “where” of your investment. Make sure you factor in a buffer to come to your maximum purchase price.
  2. Get yourself some free assistance in understanding what makes a good investment — this is where I can help you! You almost certainly “don’t know” what you “don’t know” so use a professional to get clarity and direction and kick start your strategy.
  3. Attend workshops, seminars & read well. The trouble with the internet is that much information is rehashed, unsubstantiated media hype. Trust primary data, not secondary. Ensure you do your due diligence correctly.
  4. Look at your current cash flow and create and stick to a budget. If you already know your borrowing capacity, work on savings or equity equivalent to 20% of your maximum purchase price plus costs.
  5. Enjoy a complimentary planning session with me to ask all those questions that have been stopping you to date. Contact me on 49694699.