How to Maximise your rental property return with minimal vacancy

With currently 754 rental properties available for rent on in just the Newcastle Area, how do you stand out from the crowd and lease your properties ahead of the rest? 
Belle Property Newcastle City goes into every listing with a strategy and a plan. A property will never go live on the web without professional photography of the entire property and a scheduled open house for the same week and this has seen us lease the majority of our properties in the first week. 
Tenants looking for a rental property are wanting to inspect straight away and a generally on a time frame so will continue looking until they can get through a property meaning if you don’t have availability to show a prospective tenant through a home you could loose them to another property. 
Open homes for rentals just like sales creates impact and urgency, we have personally found that having two open homes in the first week allows all prospective tenants a chance to have a look through and potentially even a second inspection before we as property managers make a decision and gives the owners more choice of applicant to put into their investment property. 
How would you enjoy having the choice over who is in your property?

Professional photography is a non-negotiable for us, we will not go live without it. We want to present your property to its best to achieve not only the highest rental return but the quality of tenants we attract as well. If we show prospective tenants that near enough is good enough, they could think that that is acceptable for routines or late rent payments. But it isn’t, we take extreme pride in every property we manage as if they were our own.

So what do we recommend if you have a vacant property:

  • Communication with your property manager
  • Professional Photos
  • Open Homes First Week
  • Right Pricing

To show that we actually practice what we preach, in the last two weeks we have leased two properties both using our strategy. 
Property A in Hamilton was priced at $50 a week higher than any other agent had quotes and was leased to professionals in our first week on market. 
Property B in Adamstown we were fortunate enough to take over from another agency and again had 6 applications put forward to us and ended up achieving an extra $70 per week for the owner from what they were currently achieving and leased the property for $720 per week again in week one of the marketing.

If you would like to know more please don’t hesitate to call us at Belle Property Newcastle City to see how simple the process can be.

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