Renovation Tips

There are a few tips to renovating your home with the key being to set a budget. Whether you are renovating to sell, first time renovators or finally creating your forever home it is important to set a realistic budget, don’t overcapitalise and most of all do your homework.

The major consideration to remember when renovating is to ensure whether your renovation needs Council Approval or not, a simple visit or call to Council will save tremendous heartache and dollars in the long run. Companies like Denmac Design & Co, can certainly assist in the council process as well as coordinating with engineers, surveyors and any other contractors required.

Choosing the right builder can also be a daunting task particularly if this is your first renovation adventure. Our advice is to ask friends, family, work colleagues for recommendations or contact the Master Builders Association and the Newcastle Property Hub who have builders that they can recommend. Feeling comfortable, establishing a trusting relationship with your builder and open communication is the key to a good build.

Make a list of non-negotiable things that you want to be included in your renovation whether it be a window splash back, a particular light fixture or piece of cabinetry and make sure that they are built. From experience there is nothing worse than finishing a renovation and wishing that you had included a particular item, the renovation will always feel unfinished without it.

There is a compendium of books, magazines, web sites, Pinterest and Instagram to give you inspiration but find a style that suits your home and your taste and stick to it. If you are having trouble choosing what is right for you seek professional advice, the majority of the time you will know what you like however you just need someone to pull it together for you. Changing your mind half way through can be costly and frustrating for the trades involved and will hit you in your hip pocket on variations.

When choosing your finishes — tile, paint, carpet, kitchen and PC items always ask for the best price you might just be surprised at what deals are on offer. If budget is particularly tight look at end of run tiles, look at ex display PC items and always ask if there are any customer returns such vanities, baths and WC’s. It is surprising what items can be returned that may have been ordered in error or simply someone has changed their mind.

Our final piece of advice is to have fun, renovations can test your patience your relationships and your wallet. Always remember to ask for help and when you see the end result you will have an enormous sense of pride in what you have achieved and just might decide to do it all again.

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