The Importance of using a team of skilled professionals in developing and delivering a successful strategy and outcome in the Newcastle property market.

There are many people who approach their retirement, their children have grown up and left home, and then wonder: So what’s next for us? What is our future lifestyle going to look like? What changes do we need to make to achieve our goals and how do we do that?

It is very reassuring to be able to discuss and plan the future with trusted advisers — in this case initially 2 companies of the Newcastle Property Hub, The Garis Group (Accountants) and Total Financial Security (Property Advisor).

In this scenario, a couple in their 50’s were selling their family home in Newcastle and were looking to create a new lifestyle that included both Australian and overseas property investment. The overseas component was important due to the artistic career of one of the clients and the importance of connection with family living overseas. The Australian component was important as this is where their children reside and where their work is focused.

The trigger to developing their new strategy came when they realised their previous retirement strategy needed adjustment to deliver the future lifestyle they desired. They were keen to use the property asset class as they were both experienced and comfortable in using this asset class to achieve their goals.

Together we worked with the clients to create a strategy that would give them the outcome they were looking for. In this case a Self Managed Super Fund was established and they looked at property acquisitions both in and out of Super to achieve their goals.

These clients had a great network of builders and trade experts that they could call upon as well as accessing another Hub member, DENMAC designs, to draft and coordinate plans for the renovation. The discussion of the interior design, colours, layout etc. began to evolve. Working with a client who is also an artist created a synergy of skills that produced a wonderful outcome. It was important to the clients to respect the historical integrity of the suburb and the architectural features found there. The inclusion of a modern warehouse style extension provided the internal amenity that many people are searching for today.

The result of their first renovation project in Maryville, using the professional skills of the NPH members has resulted in a spectacular renovation that skilfully combines the original worker’s cottage with the modern industrial warehouse extension.

When it came time to choose the agent to manage the sale of the property they looked no further than Belle Property, also a NPH member, with a track record of wonderful personal service to the real estate community.

This will be the first of a number of projects this family aims to undertake. Future projects will also use the services of the NPH team. We wish them every success at their auction.

If you would like to discuss how the Newcastle Property Hub individually or collectively can assist you to achieve your property dream, then contact us for a complimentary discussion.

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