Newcater has attended VinEx100 2018

Dr. David Nguyen, Strategic Advisor of Newcater, and many other delegates from our major partners Midas Protocol, TomoChain, Kambria, … have been in top 100 of outstanding overseas Vietnamese scientists and entrepreneurs invited by State President Tran Dai Quang to attend launch of Connecting Vietnam Innovation Network program.

Dr. David Nguyen (middle) and Midas Protocol Team
CEO Khang Nguyen (3rd from the left) and Dr. David Nguyen (right)

President Tran Dai Quang made the appeal at a meeting in Hanoi on August 18 with 100 outstanding overseas Vietnamese in science and technology who came home to attend the program from August 18–24.

The delegates of this program are from 4.0 technology corporations in Silicon Valley, Singapore, France, Switzerland, Japan, … such as Midas Protocol, Vinex Network, Regulus, Tomochain, Kambria, Siemen… and many well-known research schools and institutes around the world.

President Tran Dai Quang affirmed that the Party and State always attach importance to policies on attracting Vietnamese talents worldwide to national development, especially in the context that the Fourth Industrial Revolution is developing robustly and science-technology have played a decisive role for developing nations to catch up with advanced ones.

President Tran Dai Quang (R) presents gifts to overseas scientists and experts at the meeting on August 18 (Photo: VNA)

President and Ministers addressed that Vietnam Innovation Network program has started with 100 members and the network will be widely expanded, which is a part of comprehensive plan of Government for boosting the national economy by industry 4.0 development.

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