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This Is How Walmart Will Defend Itself Against Amazon

And: Ethics in business follow ethics in government, Valerian follow up…

Amazon v. Walmart market cap over time. Source: Wolfram Alpha.

Ethical Companies: The Next Big Thing? Let’s Start With an Ethical President, Shall We?

After a tumultuous first half of the year featuring ballooning harassment scandals in the tech industry and viral videos of customers being dragged off commercial flights, corporate America is waking up to the importance of ethics, argues Patrick Quinlan in Recode. “Slowly, brands are waking up to the fact that strong ethics and core values are no longer a ‘nice to have,’ but a necessity,” he writes. “This shift is what I call ethical transformation — the application of ethics and values across all aspects of business and society. It’s as impactful and critical as digital transformation, the other megatrend of the last 20 years.”

Remember Friday’s Note About Valerian? Sorry About That

Should have listened to Rotten Tomatoes…



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