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Chapter 1: He is Born

Its 27th October & my son is about to turn 5 months in 2 weeks. Over the last 4 months a lot has happened. My Son has just been growing like a weed, I got a new job, my chilli farm is doing so much better & my dog started peeing in the house again which has pissed my partner to the point of pissing me off. Yeah so a lot.

It all feels like a distant memory now, looking at him in the hospital it felt like this is the first time I have to confront my existence. He was innocent, yellow, soft, gentle and cute. I cried like a baby when I first saw him, he was silent like a father. We switched roles & it seemed like he was comforting me & I was being a child about the situation.

During this period, I have learnt to accept spit, urine & baby poo as medals of honor. Changing diapers is something that is normal now, talking to my son about his prowess in pooping is our favorite joke, basking him naked in the balcony when its sunny is his favorite hobby, playing with saliva was the first trick I taught him.

I have also looked at my partner & seen how she has transformed. Motherhood is like the most demanding job in the world, she has not slept fully in a single night since June 9th. She will hear his stomach at 3am while I am snoring away dreaming about Starlink & Teslas. I applaud all the mothers out there, I genuinely apologize for any comment I made that could have made you feel unappreciated or even low.

I have pushed myself to do things using my son as the motivation. I started the farm on the month I knew my partner was pregnant, I am starting a food company with my sons name “Kwe Foods”. My son has told me to dream bigger & start small just like him. He is my beacon, my north star, my gps, my inspiration. I have sometimes seen him stare at me with deep looks as if he was saying “Get your shit together, I am going to need a lot more than this”.

I have rumbled and written this article in 15min because I tend to start and stop a lot. I dont want to stop, I forsee this being a publication where new dads can share their stories.

Enjoy your remaining Q4 2021. See you soon.



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