NEL December Monthly Report

In December, we made the 2018 blueprint for NEL community to clarify our goals. In 2018, we still have a lot of mission to accomplish. We will set up the basic service system of NEO. Please find the following schematic:

NEO-NEL basic service system

Based on our service system, we further abstract our technical architecture, as shown below:

NEL service technical acchitecture

Smart contract development tool set — — ScTools

In December, we mostly focused on the development of the underlying system,We have customized development of neo-cli to support the debugging function of smart contracts.We crawled the entire chain of smart contract logs to realize the replay of smart contracts execution. Based on this, we implemented the GUI version of the smart contract development tool set ScTools, which can completely realize smart contract compiling, deployment, debugging, playback and open source functions.

GitHub address

We are developing the web version of this tool, which will be a great convenience for community developers on the MAC platform.

NNS-NEO Domain Service

In December, we designed the system structure of NNS service, divided the components of the system and their respective functions, defined the core data structure, function interface, and described the namehash algorithm.

We have discussed the auction model of asset mortgages, and we hope to be able to balance the user’s accessibility and the fairness and security of the system.In the economic model, we hope to redistribute the bidding fee and rental income of the bidding process to the system token holders. However, in conventional token mode, it’s time-consuming and costly to redistribute. For this reason, we have thought about the way of the smart asset circulation distribution, which can achieve redistribution the used assets by claim without lock-in period ,which will be developed in January ,we will also put forward the standard and submit to NEO audit.

We have made a roadmap for NNS project, and in January we will implement the .test domain name service in test net,and support transfer through domain name.

We have designed the LOGO of NNS project, as shown below. Hope you like it.

· NEODUN Hard Wallet Project

In December, the NEODUN hardware wallet project joined the NEL community as an open source project, and every developer could use our document to build their own hardware wallet and customize it on this basis. And we can provide them with technical support and resource support services.

The NEODUN hardware wallet has been partnered with wallet, which will support the integration of the NEODUN hardware wallet.

Next, we will launch the first batch of hardware wallet production, which is expected to be shipped in February.

Community Building

In December, we held and participated in many offline communication activities.

On December 19, we participated in the block chain lecture in Tongji university and shared with students the methodology of the block chain project entrepreneurship.

On December 21st, we held NEL community first offline meeting in Shanghai, introduced the project we were working on, and shared the practical technology that we developed on NEO’s DAPP.

On December 23, the NEL community made its appearance at the Microsoft building- NEO technology eco-conference in Beijing, introducing our smart contract development tools, domain name service and hardware wallet.

NEL is Launching.

Finally, Wish everybody happy 2018!