NEL First Bi-weekly Report of November

robbie wang
Nov 18 · 1 min read

NEO3.0 Neo-SDK-ts:

Wrote the Long type to store data such as transaction, fee network fees, and added methods of Long to bytes, Bytes to Long, add, sub, mul, div… .

Modified the transaction verification section to resolve the problem of the node rejecting the transaction.

Refactored the Token.Transfer method and added the decimals processing for the amount before the transfer


Created the Teemo-neo3.0 project and packaged the old version of neosdk to replace sdk, and removed the conflict part in the Teemo-neo2.0 sdk.

Fixed the problem of wallet nep6 import and export exception

Refactored the Teemo transaction construction class to complete the transfer/ transaction function

Modified the data storage format of the asset list

Replaced the neo3.0 version of the api interface, completed the asset list query, adding, and display of the asset information (balance).


New Economy Laboratory,The Biggest NEO Chinese Community

robbie wang

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New Economy Laboratory,The Biggest NEO Chinese Community

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