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Sep 3 · 2 min read

This report tells the NEL latest development in the second half of August


Neoray2.0 Output window development. Defined rules to display the output information of deployment, invocation, and debugging

Development of the Neoray2.0 contract debugging module, which shows information about AVM, careInfo, notify, stack during debugging

Neoray2.0 help module development, requesting Gas displays account information

Development of Neoray2.0 Chinese-English Translation finished.

Improved Teemo deployment, call interface, and corresponding display interface development.

Improved the Neoray background interface to meet the new data acquisition requirements of the front end.

NEO News Today’s report on NEORay 2.0: NeoRay 2.0 under development as NEL seeks to increase developer convenience


NNS is partnering with CardMaker’s nature town. This partnership expanded NNC’s use cases, and NNC was injected into the nature town as one of the NEP5-token mining pools. On August 26th, NNS teamed up with CardMaker to launch the nature town Staking package. In the game of the nature town, we injected 200,000 NNC in advance as the initial pool in the first “baking workshop”, all the “purchase” operations involved the flow of certain NNC into the mining pool. NNC can be used for staking in nature towns, buying cards, characters, and other pool items, and mining more NNC for free through the game. The user can obtain the gift package in the form of staking NNC. After a certain period of time, the full amount of NNC is unlocked, and the contents of the package will not be destroyed and will be owned by the user.


New Economy Laboratory,The Biggest NEO Chinese Community

robbie wang

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New Economy Laboratory,The Biggest NEO Chinese Community

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